Effe.Bi Wrought Iron Lighting

Effe.Bi is a Florentine design company that creates some of the most beautiful wrought iron objects in existence. Their lighting blends the heritage of wrought iron with elegant designs that evoke grandeur from every angle.

What began as a blacksmithing workshop in Florence was shaped by pivotal post-war artistic movements. The New Florentine Renaissance aimed to combine modernity with the history of master craftsmen in the city – aligning to influence the rebirth of Florence in the world of art.

Effe.Bi Ferro Battuto Artististco is guided by Cristiano Mangini and specialises in lighting and home decor created from wrought iron. Customers from across the globe submit bespoke orders that are recognised as having true ‘Made in Italy’ quality and are envied by all who have yet to own them.

What Sarah says...

Effe.Bi is simply wonderful – the brand really showcases the beauty and prestige of Italian craftsmanship. 

The use of wrought iron is something steeped in history but taken to new heights by Effe.Bi. It’s little wonder that their designs are often used as reference points for imitators.

Effe.Bi Gallery

With a collection of elegant lighting designs that add grandeur to every home they’re placed in, Effe.Bi needs little introduction. Take a look at these masterful Florentine creations and see for yourself.

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