SERIP Luxury Lighting

Founded in the early 1960s, SERIP is firmly established as one of the world’s most prestigious lighting designers. Famed for stunning organic designs, SERIP’s nature-inspired glass lighting is nothing short of breathtaking.

SERIP’s lighting is like no other. The luxury lighting designer rejects minimialism and straight lines in favour of gorgeous organic shapes, from water droplets to branch-like spirals. Every single Serip lighting design stands alone as an eye-catching addition to any space.

What Sarah says...

Serip lighting requires no introduction. The Portguese lighting designer takes inspiration from nature for every piece. From awe-inspiring chandeliers to delicate standalone lighting, Serip lighting needs to be seen to be believed.

The brand’s penchant for delicate glass shapes and earthy colours is what makes Serip’s lighting so unique.

SERIP chandelier

Serip Luxury Lighting Design

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